GPS Surveys Dubai Sharjah Abu Dhabi

GPS (Global Positioning System) Surveying is the most advanced positioning and data recording technology available to the Land Surveyor today. Using available Satellites (Minimum 4),the Receivers record satellite signals and internal receiver software, sub-centimeter accurate horizontal and vertical positioning data is provided about any point or feature.This data can be related either to the National Grid Co-ordinate system or to your project’sown Local Grid.

GPS CONTROL SURVEY provide "basic control" or horizontal and vertical positions of points to which supplementary surveys are adjusted.These types of survey (sometimes termed geodetic survey) are conducted to provide geographic positions and plane coordinates of triangulation and traverse stations and the elevations of benchmarks. These control points are further used as references for hydrographic surveys of the coastal waters for topographic control; and for the control of many state, city and private surveys.