Traffic Counting Surveys

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Tektronix Technology systems providing Transportation Data analysis/ Traffic video reduction services for Transportation data collection Industry, Transport Planners, Consultants, Councils and other Transport authorities across the global.

Tektronix Technology systems Traffic is additionally knowledgeable transportation data collection company for completing all kinds of Traffic surveys across Dubai Abu Dhabi all over GCC countries. We use in the International expertise and latest technologies for delivering accurate traffic data at International standards for the Dubai Abu Dhabi  road conditions etc.

TEKTRAFFIC data survey company. It is one of the most technologically advanced companies offering traffic data counting services. TEKTRAFFIC delivers quick and accurate data, which earlier used to take months to collect.

  • Public Transport Surveys
  • Trip Generation Surveys
  • GPS Journey Time Surveys
  • Origin Destination Surveys
  • Link Count Surveys
  • Smart Parking Surveys
  • Vehicle speed surveys
  • Pedestrian Counts Surveys
  • Stop & Speed Surveys
  • Turning Movement Count Surveys
  • Bus Occupancy Surveys
  • Intersection Count Surveys
  • Vehicle Occupancy Surveys
  • Pedestrian Count Surveys
  • Cycle Movement Surveys
  • Registration plate surveys
  • Link Count Surveys
  • Smart Parking Surveys
  • Vehicle speed surveys
  • Pedestrian Counts Surveys
  • Stop & Speed Surveys


traffic counting solutions in uae

Link Count Services which is typically finished individual vehicles moving from one point to a different . we will perform Link counts from busy motorways to quiet rural roads.


TMC’s are generally used to determine whether the intersection needs a traffic light. Equations are wont to decide whether the quantity of the traffic determines that a light-weight is required


Traffic Counting Surveys

Intersection count may be a quite traffic surveys where we’ve to count the vehicles, cycles, people on foot, which is passed on during a particular street, way or intersection Dubai Abu Dhabi .


Traffic Counitng Solutions in Dubai Sharjah Ajman ABu Dhbai

In this kind of surveys, the quantities of travelers including the driving force or tenants inside a Bus are taken, DUBAI ABU DAHBI all over GCC countries.


Traffic Impact Study Abu Dhabi

Tektronix Technology have expertise to count the Cycles in every turning movement at a specific location.


traffic counting solutions in uae

Tektronix Technology process Pedestrian Counts for every turning development at a specific area. Dubai Abu Dhabi

Queue Length Analysis

We can supply different queues depending upon the client’s requirement for Traffic Count Surveys. This includes maximum queue & minimum queue in any interval, Average queue length, Queue at the beginning of Green phase and Queue delay surveys etc. We even have experience of tracking the queue back form one exit of the motorway to the other using multiple

Cycle Movement Survey Tektron Smart Surveys have expertise to count the Cycles in every turning movement at a selected location. The areas are often sidewalks, on street, road corner, crossing ways during a recreation center, retail location entrance. There are quite one advantage which rouse us to tally the bicycles. Here we will see

Using Tektron ANPR  – We can validate the number plates captured by the Tektron ANPR software and then manually in-fill the plates that were missed out by the software to achieve the complete raw data set. We can then match between sites and supply the final ORIGIN-DESTINATION MATRIX depending upon the client’s requirements. Using Videos.